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Work Experience

By KTB Music, Jun 6 2017 10:54AM

Recently, KTB Music was thrilled to have Chloe Curtis from Tarleton Academy for a week of work experience.

During her week Chloe took part in each working department at KTB Music, enabling her to have a real insight into how a music school and services work. Within her first hour she was thrown into the administration part of KTB Music, which including making orders and giving payment on the phone, photocopying, writing music out using Sibelius, and keeping record of singing lessons. She also helped us prepare for our weekly Youth Choir, Chamber Choir and Community Choir rehearsals, as well as taking part in all three sessions throughout the Monday evening. This included quite a lot of sight reading, as Chloe knew most of the songs, just not the harmony part! And that was just her first day.

On Tuesday Chloe observed piano, saxophone and guitar lessons before helping one of our teachers, Sam French load the van and set up for the KTB Concert Band rehearsal. Wednesday saw Chloe in the library working alongside our Library Administrator Alison Waring, collating and storing choir music before filing solo sheet music in alphabetical order. Wednesday evening took Chloe and Katy Bradley into Wigan, where Katy was playing in the band for Wigan Amateur Dramatics Society's production of My Fair Lady. Chloe was able to sit next to the musical director, giving her the best seat in the house!

On Thursday, our singing teacher Katy Bradley was able to give Chloe a singing lesson of her own, before observing different types of singing lessons, and learning about different styles of singing. In the evening, we introduced Chloe to the KTB Music clan during a concert, given by pupils of KTB Music. There were performances from students of all ages and abilities, including two solos sung by Chloe, before finishing with a duet between Chloe and Rachel Cooper, one of our other administration staff members, and a final piece performed by staff members.

Rachel and Chloe performing at the pupils concert.
Rachel and Chloe performing at the pupils concert.

Friday was a well-earned day off, before a day of administration and concert planning before a final evaluation session on the Saturday afternoon.

Chloe was always punctual, well presented and polite, giving our clients a great impression of KTB Music. We are pleased to say we have now taken Chloe on as our new Assistant Library Administrator where she will be fulfilling mostly Librarian duties, as well as plenty of other jobs! We have had a wonderful week with Chloe, and have enjoyed showing her every inch of KTB Music, and enjoyed her learning even more. She seemed hungrier for something new with each new day.

Chloe pictured with Katy and Sam
Chloe pictured with Katy and Sam

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